No. 609

How many times did it bite you?


Ah, rub some dirt on it. You’re ok.

Aren’t these poisonous?

The word you’re looking for is ‘venomous’, but no. You’ll be just fine.

Are you going to do something about it?

What do you mean?

Like, since it attacked me.

Ha! These things are endangered! We’re more concerned about whatever filth you had on your arm making him sick!

You told me to rub dirt on it.

I didn’t want the rest of the dirt there to be lonely.

Give me a refund.

Do you know how much vet bills will cost? No.

So you aren’t going to do anything.

I’m starting to think about asking you to leave the property.

I’m never coming here again, anyway.

Look, do you want me to let him bite you an eighth time?