No. 595

“I know you’re checking out my ass, Dan,” said Alice as she wrapped a scarf around the snowman.

“I’m appreciating it,” clarified Dan, from his chair on the front porch.

Alice laughed. “Since just about forever.”

“That was the camera’s fault and you knew it!”

“Well, the camera certainly had things figured out,” said Alice as she crossed the yard to snuggle up to her fiancé.

“You’re right. I fell in love with an ass,” said Dan. “What can I say?”

“Hey!” Alice scooped a handful of snow off of the railing and tried to cram it into Dan’s coat.

“That was a terrible plan,” Dan said with a smile as he rose from the chair.

Alice was too busy giggling to make a proper escape, and they tumbled into the pile of snow that had been cleared from the deck.

“This is my boot,” said Dan, as he stole hers. “This is my sock,” he continued. “And these are your icy-cold toes!” he finished, as he heaped snow over Alice’s foot.

Alice wriggled herself free and hopped on one leg just out of range of Dan’s gloves. They both lay in the snow until they’d caught their breath from laughing.

“Do you think the neighbors think we’re weird?” asked Alice.

“Most definitely,” said Dan. “But I don’t think they’re having as much fun.”