No. 592

“The man at the counter answers his phone”

Chuck Gordon typed the words carefully and looked over his laptop screen towards the till. The man ordering the strawberry frap pulled the phone from his back pocket and spoke loudly. “Hello? No. I don’t have time right now.”

Gordon glanced around to see if anyone else had noticed what he was doing yet. He hesitated before writing the next sentence.

“The barista spills the drink.”

“Shit! Dammit!” Gordon heard, even before he had a chance to look up. The barista was now wearing the pink frap.

“Is this really happening?” Chuck whispered to himself. He stared alternately at his hands and computer, not sure which was responsible for this strange new power. He decided that he may as well go big, or go home. He began to type again.

“The girl in the corner notices me.”