No. 591

“Stay here,” Sam Cozak told Evalynn. “I’ll check it out first.” He got out of the car and approached the building.

Cozak was a lot of things, but nervous was not typically one of them. He drew his hand across the goosebumps on his arm and unlocked the old, rusted door. It swung open without resistance. A hazy cloud of dust floated out of the darkness.

“Sam,” Evalynn called. “Are you sure?”

Cozak didn’t say anything. He stepped forward, beyond the threshold.

Evalynn waited a long time.


“This is it,” Cozack whispered, the words diffusing into the vast space.

He found the breaker and pulled it. One by one, the overhead lights snapped on. Rats dove for cover, and there was a clatter from somewhere in the back as something larger took its leave.

Cozak shivered as he surveyed the factory floor. “Evalynn,” he shouted. “It’s everything we wanted it to be.”

“This is where we make our first million.”