No. 583

Because of a quirk in geography, there were thunderstorms in Darksville almost every day, and with the thunderstorms, lightning. Consequently, an address in Darksville was irresistible to mad scientists. There was at least one creepy mansion, castle, or tower per block. Neighborhood disputes tended to escalate quickly.

“Get your dirty Frankenstein off of my lawn!” screamed Dr. Insano. “He’s ruining the flowers!”

“You know damn well that I’m Frankenstein,” Dr. Frankenstein shouted right back. “That’s my monster. He’s the monster.”

“I don’t care what you call him. One more time on my side of the property line and I’m unleashing the robo-bees,” said Dr. Insano as he stomped back into his workshop.

“Oh, please, robo-bees? I invented those three years ago!” said Frankenstein to the closing door. “Come along, Monster, you have work to do,” he told Monster. “Those beers aren’t going to carry themselves back from the store.”

“Hrrrr,” said Monster. “Hrrrrrrrr.”