No. 574

In 2014, dinosaur cloning is invented

In 2016, a number of dinosaurs escape the lab and establish colonies in a threatened rainforest area. Due to misguided animal-rights protests, hunting is not permitted on the grounds that the dinosaurs themselves are, by population size, endangered.

By 2020, the dinosaurs are proven to be an invasive species and are overrunning the ecosystem. Their already unstable DNA is allowing them to adapt much faster than the modern species. They are taken off the endangered species list. Hunting is allowed.

By 2030, they have spread. Dinosaurs are now one of the only classes of animal on the planet.

By 2037, humans are in decline.



“Open the gates. It’s time to go out.”

Christina Foster heard her father’s voice over the camp public address system. She reflexively tightened the strap of her Kevlar vest and double checked her rifle.

The giant rusted doors on the perimeter wall began to open. Foster watched the yellow warning lights flash as the final line of defence was relaxed just long enough for the team to leave.

She stepped out into the long-abandoned street, in the middle of what used to be Phoenix, Arizona.

Somewhere, off to the left, she heard the clatter of clawed feet on broken concrete.

The team was not going to get very far on this trip.

“Dinos, 10 o’clock!” one of her partners shouted. She couldn’t tell if it was Mandalay, or Stock.

Foster pointed her rifle and squeezed the trigger, sending bullets screaming through the empty windows of a former department store. A dinosaur staggered out, before collapsing to the ground within feet of the group.

It was a small one. Nothing like what would be attracted by the sound of the guns and the smell of fresh blood.

“We need to hurry,” Foster told her team. “Or we won’t make it back. Come on. Follow me.”