No. 572

The rain started as I turned down the comedy row at the video store. I’d already been through action and, although dramas were next, I didn’t feel like one of those. My idea was to skip directly to sci-fi if comedy didn’t work out.

But the weather fouled my plans somewhat. I’d walked from home and didn’t have an umbrella, so now I had some time to kill if I wanted to stay dry. I picked up “Martian Fighters 2: Revenge of the Red Planet”, and circled back to drama to browse.

“Hi,” she said from over in the S-section.

“Hey,” I replied, because I’m cool like that.

“What are you watching tonight?” she asked, nodding at the case in my hand.

“’Martian Fighters 2’,” I told her.

“Is that the one where the astronaut goes crazy and imagines he’s Earth’s only hope?” she asked.

I shrugged. “I don’t think so. I’ve only seen the first one, though.”

“Maybe I’m thinking about something else,” she said.

She put down the box she was holding, and walked over to me. “Do they have any more copies of that one?” She pointed at my movie.

“Lots,” I said. “New release.”

“Great!” she said, as she brushed by me on the way to sci-fi.

“Good,” I said. Because I’m cool like that.

You can see why the rain was important for me. If I hadn’t waited, I never would have talked to her.

After that, I went home. It was still raining, so I got pretty soaked.

“Martian Fighters 2” was ok. It’s certainly not as good as the first one, because I think they rushed it into theaters, but it’s alright.

I can’t wait to pick another movie. Maybe she’ll be there next time, too.