No. 550

The eventual destruction of Orcus was revealed six months ago. By that time, many of the planet’s leaders had already made plans to leave. Most of us were left to work out on our own how we were going to save ourselves.

Even when other systems sent ships to help, it was never going to be enough. Apologies were offered, but those are not worth a lot when they cover being boiling alive.

But there is a small window of opportunity in the lack of space on the ships. Those who left were not able to take their goods with them. Precious metals, jewels, and priceless artworks were left behind. Only electronic wealth was evacuated.

Of course, I can’t expect to take the same physical goods with me when I made my escape, but I’m positive that there’s one or two corrupt crew members on board who would overlook a stowaway if that stowaway was able to hand over a bribe worth more than most have ever seen.