No. 541

Carla’s parents acquiesced to her pleas for a pet. They were uncertain about her ability to properly care for an animal, and didn’t want to end up looking after one themselves, so they bought her a snail.

“How hard can it be to look after a snail?” they reasoned. “She’ll be fine. It’s a starter pet.”

Carla, though saddened by the lack of a kitten, bonded with her new friend, whom she named “Snuggles”.

Carla and Snuggles went on many adventures together, like “watching tv” and “going on the internet”. One of their favorites was “playing games on the cell phone”, where Carla would play on her phone, and Snuggles would cling securely to the back, not creating a bother, or slime-trail across the screen.

Carla’s parents began to worry that perhaps Snuggles was not the right animal for Carla. Maybe, they thought, he was just a tad too docile.

Soon, for her birthday, Carla received a large box with a bow on it. Inside was a beautiful puppy, a husky that she named “Ron”. Ron certainly kept her busy, with the constant running and playing and running some more.

Snuggles remained in his tank, fed by Mom and Dad, forgotten by Carla, eating grass and not caring one little bit that he was alone.