No. 524

Being a superhero in 2014 is ridiculously easy. That’s mostly due to the fact that the current crop of villains have had years of lackluster support in school, and most are functionally illiterate.

The Inquisitor left me a clue the other day that was just “LOL WUT!” scrawled on a wall, and then there he was, standing right next to it. I locked him up along with his nefarious partner The Seagull.

I’m pretty sure the only one out there who is halfway educated is Kitten Girl. The last time we were fighting she mentioned she’d recently completed a correspondence course that got her a diploma. I suppose that’s something.

The only reason that my nemesis, Jester, is so dangerous is that I think he was raised on some kind of commune and they taught him to prepare for Y2K. I assume that, anyway, because every time he goes on a crime spree, he’s stealing canned goods and bottled water.

Anyway, the Commissioner is calling, so I’ve got to run.

Do yourselves a favor. Don’t drop out.