No. 519

The Andrew that Andrew wrote about was very different than real-life Andrew. Written-down Andrew was a crime-fighter, and a world-travelling ladies’ man. Written-down Andrew had a flashy car, and had been to space.

Eventually, real-life Andrew became jealous of written-down Andrew. Real-life Andrew tried to kill off his literary doppelganger.

It proved difficult. Written-down Andrew was just as smart as real-life Andrew, and kept somehow escaping the carefully-laid-down traps that were set for him.

Real-life Andrew slept on the plan. The solution came to him at 4:56 in the morning. He made a note on the pad of paper beside his bed and closed his eyes again.

Early the next day, after his cup of coffee, real-life Andrew wrote real-life Andrew into his story to finish off his pesky alter-ego.