No. 517

Randall Thompson checked his watch for the third time to confirm that time was indeed still moving forward. The black, digital numbers were counting up far too slowly for his taste, though.

The ornate clock on the wall of the lobby wasn’t moving any faster.  2:19.

When he’d arrived, the secretary at the reception desk had told him to expect to be buzzed in at “around two”. Certainly, it was now beyond that.

Randall sighed. He liked to be on time. He began to wonder if he could really work for someone whose idea of “around two” was closer to 2:30. Or later.

Seven minutes later, Randall heard his name called on the intercom by the desk. The secretary looked up at him and nodded.

Randall collected his coat and bag, and headed toward the inner office for his interview. 2:26. They would have to make a compelling case to recruit him.