Around Gray Publishes Presents – Sammy Vickstein

“Jane, I need the ring back.” 
Jane’s imagination raced to make sense of Gerald‘s words.  She ran her thumb over the ring in question, she had not yet gotten used to the  token of their only now two day long engagement.
“Oh, no, it’s not like… let me explain,” Gerald said, moving over to the couch where Jane sat.
She made room for him, decided to hear him out.  She owed him, no, she owed herself that much.

Gerald began:
Apparently Mrs. Schwarz, the lady who sold Gerald the ring, had made some sorta  mistake.  The ring Jane now wore should not have been sold, not to Gerald at least.  Something about magic powers.  The Germans wanted it, the Russians wanted it, the Jewish rapper Dr. Ira wanted it, a guy named Hal Jordan wanted it.  Mrs. Schwarz had called Gerald earlier that day and tried to explain, realized it all sounded ridiculous and asked Gerald to stop by the jewelry store with the ring and she would try to explain in person. 

Jane was pissed, wished Gerald respected her enough to be honest about whatever it was that was going on.  She was just about to tell him so too- when a beam of white light shot out of the ring and went through their front window before slicing in half a German thug who had been sneaking up their lawn.