The Orange, The Christmas Story – 2013

At 7pm on Christmas Eve, Anna received a text message from William. “Broke my mom’s present. Help!”

Anna groaned. She typed back. “I’m in the middle of dinner. I’ll see what I can do later.”

William’s response was just two words. “Please hurry?”

Anna considered the delicious-looking food on her plate. There really weren’t any other options, though. Of course she was going to agree.

“Ok,” she replied. “Come by in an hour.”

She excused herself from the table and went to work on the problem.


It took her fifty-six minutes to solve it.

William arrived right on time.

Anna handed him a small package and a list of instructions. “Follow these, and you’ll be fine,” she told him.

William opened the box a crack and peered inside. “Thanks,” he said. “It’s perfect. This means a lot to me.”

“I know,” Anna told him. “Now get going, or you’ll be late.”

William reached into his coat pocket and produced an orange. He tossed it to Anna. “That’s for you,” he said. He laughed slightly. “I know we said ‘no presents’ this year. But it’s not fancy. I was in a rush.”

Anna caught it. “Dessert,” she said with a flourish.

“Merry Christmas, Anna,” said William.

“Merry Christmas, Will,” said Anna.