No. 507

The building erupted from the ground with surprising speed. Its sudden appearance caused confusion and panic among the townsfolk. Without builders, or human expediting of any kind, it was as if the structure was simply growing.

The feelings of terror heightened when another one began to form on the other side of the lake. And then a third, next to the courthouse.

The invasion had begun, and nobody knew what to do.

Bullets and explosives had little effect. A bulldozer’s blade was unable to penetrate the outer walls.

The buildings, eventually seven in total, topped out at twenty stories.

With no credible means to destroy the towers, people soon forgot their fears, and began moving in.

Other towns and cities begged to be told how to develop their own versions of the habitats.

The residents were unable to answer, and conflict arose between neighboring municipalities.


When the buildings started to decay, after forty years, nobody could remember how they were formed, only that they were the worst thing to ever happen in Herons Mill.