No. 505

Mr. Anderon had a green mustache. And even though he rarely came out of his house, all the neighborhood kids knew it.  They’d stand on the street corner and whisper to each other. “Did you know that Mr. Anderon has a green mustache?”

Nobody disagreed, except for Lily. She decided that the story must be made-up.

She resolved to test her theory.

Thinking of only one way to do so, she marched right up to Mr. Anderon’s door and rang the bell.

“Hello?” said Mr. Anderon as he answered. “What can I do for you today?”

Lily had not thought of a reasonable excuse for visiting. She blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “I’m Lily. Would you like to buy some cookies?” she asked nervously.

“Excelllent!” said Mr. Anderon. “I rarely get the opportunity. I’ll take three boxes!”

Lily had no boxes of cookies and, instead of replying, darted away at top speed.


She was out of breath by the time she made it home.

“So what color was it?” asked her brother.

“It was green!” she gasped. “It was bright green, like a lime!”