No. 493

Kelly discovered the sword in a field on the way to the swimming hole on a warm summer’s day.

She picked it up and fount that the weapon was heavy, and it glinted in the bright sunlight.

Kelly swished it back and forth. She felt powerful.

She did not hear her friends calling her from further down the path.

They were warning her about the dragon.

The monster pounced on her and tried to bite her head with its sharp teeth.

Kelly stabbed back with her newfound blade. The steel cut through the dragon’s scaly hide without slowing.

The dragon reared back to re-evaluate its foe. Black blood dripped from the wound on its belly.

Wheeling about, the beast took to the sky. It did not want to tangle with Kelly.

She carefully wiped the sword clean and tucked it into her belt.

She decided that she would keep it.