No. 487, The Wreck, The Conclusion

Part One:


Vince had boarded himself up inside his cabin. He sat, with the light out, and wondered how he was going to get to the radio, located on the other side of the ship. Horrible, unnatural moans from the corridor set his teeth on edge.

The rest of the crew had succumbed to the evil that had woken from the deep.

There was a scream. It cut off abruptly.

Vince recognized the voice. Lexi, the newly-graduated researcher, in the adjoining room.

Had she hidden away, like he had? He realized that whatever controlled the crew would find him, soon enough.

He had no way to call for help. There was only one way to escape.

Vince opened the door slowly, and crept up the steep stairs to the main deck. There was no sign of bodies or crew, but there had been a chewing noise from Lexi’s quarters.

Vince shivered.

He crawled into a lifeboat and released the lines.

He would take his chances on the open ocean, alone.