No. 483, The Candy Rebellion, The Conclusion

Part One:


The chocolate bar’s words were greeted with a massive cheer. All of the assembled candies thought revolution was a brilliant idea.

“We will sicken the humans! We will choke them! We will stain their clothing and they will have no choice but to surrender to us!” the chocolate bar screamed from the podium.


A small group of hard candies whispered amongst themselves at the side of the assembly.

“Nobody ever eats us,” they wondered surreptitiously. “Why should we join with the others and draw attention to ourselves?”

“Do we alert the humans?”


But they did not have time to fully explore their mutiny.

All of the candies but the hard ones were suddenly collected into a large bowl and set beside the door in preparation for the trick-or-treaters soon to visit the home.

One-by-one, the delicious ones were dispersed to greedy children to be consumed.

The rebellion had been a short-lived dream.


The hard candies were left alone in the cupboard, once again.

“Same thing happens every year,” said their leader. “Almost makes you feel sorry for the others.”

“Almost,” the survivors agreed.