No. 481

It’s been almost a week since we last saw the host, Martin Campbell, or any of the cameramen.

The TV company dropped us off on this island, we were supposed to filming a reality show. We made it through the first round, voting Mel away. I’m beginning to think she may have been the lucky one.

There’s not much food. We were meant to “find out own”, by which I mean that the crew planted it on the other side of the beach. Same for water. There’s nothing out there, in the wild. We know. We’ve searched the entire island twice now for any sign of anybody else.

We’re not even sure what island we’re on. Someone said the Philippines, but another guess was Indonesia.

I’m using the radio that was left in our camp for emergencies. If anyone can hear this, please try to home in on our position. There are eleven of us left.