No. 478 – Blood on the Ice

“How come you never show up for the day games?” the opposing team’s center chirped Steve Dracula. “Gotta stay home with your mommy?”

Dracula said nothing, and bent down to take the faceoff. His side was up 1-0, and it was late in the third period.

The referee dropped the puck, and Dracula won it back to his defenseman, but the pesky center was quick, too. He stepped around Dracula, stole the puck, and took a shot on goal.

It was an easy save, but the center made the mistake of chopping at the goalie’s glove.

Dracula dropped his own gloves, and sought a measure of revenge for a game’s-worth of abuse.

The two scuffled toward the corner, until the other man tried to sweep Dracula’s legs.

Dracula reached his breaking point, and sank his gums into his opponent’s neck.

“Did you just bite me?” the other man recoiled in disgust. “What’s wrong with you?”

Dracula just smiled, and stuck his tongue out through the gap in his front teeth where the fangs used to be.