No. 455 – Peter Spider and the Picnic

Peter Spider had eight legs, but no friends.

He was a very lonely spider.

He spent all day on his web, waiting to catch flies.

Peter didn’t want to eat the flies. He just wanted somebody to talk to.

One day, two very big things sat down in the field next to Peter’s web.

Peter studied them carefully with his many eyes. Maybe these were friends!

Peter waved his leg. The very big things didn’t see him at all.

Peter summoned up all his courage and left his web to investigate.

He crawled slowly toward the very big things.

When he was closer, he tried to wave again.

They saw him.

One of the very big things made a very loud noise.

The other very big thing tried to shoo Peter away.

Peter left, but he was sad.

He climbed all the way back up to his web, alone.

But when he got there, it wasn’t empty!

There was a fly in his web.

“Help,” shouted the fly. “A spider!”

“Don’t worry,” he told it. “My name is Peter. I won’t eat you.”

Peter untangled the fly.

“Are you OK?” he asked it.

The fly stretched her wings carefully. “Yes,” she said. “I’m Grace.”

“Did you see the very big things?” said Peter.

“They’re people,” said Grace. “They’re having a picnic.”

“I tried to join them,” said Peter.

“So did I,” said Grace. “They didn’t like me.”

“You and I could have a picnic,” Peter suggested.

“That’s a good idea!” said Grace.

And so Peter Spider and Grace Fly had their own picnic and became best friends.