No. 447 – The Disappearing Part 3

Ray’s phone rang. He picked it up, his hand drifting through the device, but there was nobody on the other end. He could hear the faint sounds of an office. “Ruth Carver?” he asked the open line.


Carver heard a small noise from her phone. She looked down at the screen and saw the open call. That was strange. She thought she’d hung up on the crank caller already. She began to tell him that she really didn’t have time to listen to his bizarre story.


“No, look,” said Ray. “It’s true. I can prove it. I can be at your office in four hours. I think. If this doesn’t get worse.”


Carver decided that if the man was crazy enough to travel that long to speak to her, the least she could do was give him five minutes of her time. She could have security waiting in the lobby to throw him out, if need be. “Tomorrow, then, at two o’clock,” she told him.

“I’m sorry,” he insisted. “It needs to be right away. Four hours from now.”

She sighed. “Ok,” she agreed. “I’ll be in my office. I’ll leave a pass for you at reception.”


Laney smiled. The meeting was the first positive step that had happened since she’d started fading away.

She drifted down to the basement of the Centennial to wait. It was where she’d collected all the information that she could about her case. There had to be an answer somewhere in the stacks of papers.