No. 429 – No. 417 Continues

The story so far…

“That’s her,” said Katy, identifying her driver from a spread of photos that the chief of security had showed her.

“Marilyn Faber,” said the chief. “That’s not her real name, obviously. She’s come up before in our investigations. She’s very good at what she does.”

“I’m still sorry about the delivery,” Katy apologized. “I hope we can get our information back.”

“Don’t feel badly,” said Legacy Corps’ CEO, from the other side of the room. “It could have happened to anybody.”

He got up from his chair and walked over to Katy, extended a hand and helped her up. “Now, why don’t you go to the lounge on the fourteenth floor and have a cup of coffee? Somebody will be down shortly to take you to your hotel and make sure you’re set up to head home tomorrow.”

Katy agreed and was ushered out of the room.


The CEO and the security man waited until she was gone to continue their conversation.

“I think this sucker from Wichita might be working with Faber,” said the CEO.

“You could be right,” said the security man. “I can have Pierson go to her room tonight and rough her up a little. See if her story changes.”

“Let’s not put Pierson on it, just yet. That could be a bit drastic. But make sure she doesn’t catch that plane. Keep her in town for a few days until we’re sure.” He began to leave the room and was almost out until he turned back to ask one more question. “Just how exposed are we if the information on those papers gets into the wrong hands?”

The security man looked up from his notes. “It can’t get out. If it leaks, there’s no way we can complete our preparations in time.”

The CEO shook his head and exhaled loudly. “We can’t have that. I’ve changed my mind. If we don’t have a strong lead on Faber by tomorrow morning, send Pierson to the girl.”


To be continued…