No. 421 – No. 417 Continues

No. 417 – Part 1:
No. 417 – Part 2:
No. 417 – Part 3:


The driver smiled as she pulled into the underground parking. She stopped next to the elevators and immediately checked the back seat to confirm her success.


Before leaving the car, the mark, Katy, had neatly smoothed and folded the crumpled papers that she had believed were useless packing material.

It had been the driver’s plan all along.

The subtle heist had not been easy to pull off. The driver had waited at the airport every day for the past seven days, watching couriers arrive with the telltale bags. They were transferring information back to the Seattle office in preparation for something. The driver did not know what, yet.

Once she’d found the pattern of deliveries, she arranged a delay for the usual local contact. Then she’d needed to pique the curiosity of the passenger.


The driver touched the papers. A shiver ran down her spine. She’d be rewarded generously for her troubles.

Appearing normal, the newspapers were, in fact, the basis of a coded message. With the proper key, random letters would fall into place and reveal Legacy Corps’ highly-confidential research data.

The driver knew her masters were on the verge of cracking that key.

Once they did, the driver would be able to use the secrets to strike at the heart of the beast.


To be continued…