No. 417 – Part 2

The landing was uneventful, although the taxi to the gate seemed to take forever. Once the plane had come to a complete stop, Katy was the first one out of her seat.

She retrieved the bag, and hurried to disembark.

Moving as quickly as possible, she made her way to the arrivals pick-up area. She’d been told to expect a driver to ferry her on the last leg of her journey.

She did not see her name on a signboard.

Keeping the bag close, she found a relatively quiet corner of the concourse to phone from. All she managed to connect with was an automated message that told her the number that she’d dialed wasn’t in service.

She cursed the hurried preparation for the trip. She’d probably entered the wrong digit during her rush to leave.

“Fine,” she cursed at her phone. “Be that way.”

She called her home office to get the right contact information.

They told her that she had the right number, but couldn’t say why it wasn’t working. Rick from downstairs promised to contact the proper department in Seattle to have her collected from the airport.

After she ended the call, Katy sat down on a bench to wait. She checked her watch and resolved to stay for an hour. After that, she’d make her own arrangements, mystery bag, o r not.

Now tired and bored, she fought the urge to open the bag, merely as a way to pass the time.


55 minutes later, her driver arrived.

“You must be Katy,” said the smartly-uniformed woman.

“Of all the people in the arrivals hall, how did you know it was me?” Katy asked.

The driver pointed at the bag, clutched between Katy’s knees. “I’ve seen a few of those in the last week. You guys are coming in from all over. Where are you from?”

Katy’s first instinct, oddly, was to lie, but she told the truth. “Wichita.”

The driver simply nodded. “Come on, then. I’m sure you’ll want to drop it off and the get to your hotel.”

“That’d be great,” said Katy. “Lead the way.”


To be continued…