No. 417 – Part 1

The in-flight movie was terrible and, besides that, only one side of Katy’s headphones worked. It was an inauspicious beginning to the trip that she hadn’t wanted to take, to begin with.


She’d been tasked with delivering a bag to the Seattle office. It was currently safely stowed in the overhead bin. Katy did not want to risk having the airline lose it.

Especially since she didn’t know what was in it.

She’d tried to catch a glimpse as the bag had gone through the x-ray machine, but she hadn’t wanted to draw attention, or be asked the awkward question “Did you pack this bag yourself, today?”.


But now, several hours into the journey, a vile combination of the film, chicken lunch, and reduced legroom had conspired to strip Katy of any such curiosity. Her only desire was to get off the plane, deliver the bag, and return home.


To be continued…