No. 409 – The Molten Kingdom Part 7

Desperately, Clue tried to recall any one of her powers that could save her. The thick stone and the enclosed space severely limited her effectiveness. Any plan she came up with was quickly discarded.

She had only a few inches of clearance from the crushing ceiling when she realized that she was mistaken. She thought back to the rudimentary hovering that she’d used to speed her journey to the volcano. The key was not to choose a single power, but to combine several at once. It would take all of her concentration to do so.

She began by creating two columns of high-pressure air to act as supports for the descending roof to buy herself some time. The volume of oxygen in the chamber made this a dangerous gambit. She would have to hold her breath during the next phase of her plan.

Slowly, she began to raise the temperature of the air around her hands, as well. The heat then spread to envelop her entire body. She rolled to face the ceiling. Placing her hand on the bare rock, she pushed lightly. The stone began to melt. Molten drops fell toward her face, but Clue froze them out of mid-air.

She had soon hollowed out a cavity large enough to stand up in. She was amazed by the thickness of the barrier, but now she was well on her way to escaping. With careful timing, she released the invisible support pillars and used the resulting wind to propel herself up and away from the snare.

She was flying through the earth, leaving a scorched and melted hole behind her.

Reaching down, she felt the crown in a pouch at her side. All that remained to complete a successful mission was to find Mr. Mouse and exit the underground kingdom.

That would not present a problem.

Clue knew she was now almost invincible.


Mr. Mouse could detect a dull roar, growing louder as it seemed to approach him. He couldn’t recognize it and, abstractly, felt annoyed that this would be the last sound that he would ever hear.

His guards had carried out their task, and his cage was falling toward the searing lava.

Mr. Mouse closed his eyes and hoped his demise would be painless.