No. 401 – The Molten Kingdom Part 2

Mr. Mouse waited alone on the windswept mountain.

He looked at the diamond that Clue had left behind. Its presence unsettled him. He’d noticed that Clue had been acting differently, lately. Her control over her powers had increased, but she was using them so casually that it frightened him. The diamond’s sudden appearance also reminded him that he didn’t even know exactly what they were seeking on this trip.

Still, he watched the roiling lava, and hoped she would be back soon.


Clue, meanwhile, had descended into the mountain’s core. As she pushed deeper, she continually replenished her icy shield. Upon reaching the correct depth, she moved sideways and then kicked upward, surfacing in an underground chamber. She pulled herself out of the magma and onto a solid, rocky shelf.

She lit the cave with her powers, and used the same levitating technique from the desert-crossing to float down the tunnel that stretched out before her.

As she rounded the last corner of the corridor, she came face-to-face with a set of enormous metal doors. Covered in elaborate carvings, they stretched up three times as tall as Clue, into a pitch-black cavern.

Clue shut down all of her powers and approached the gates carefully. She hesitated slightly before she raised her arm to knock.