Bonus Mad-Lib – Blank Form

Fill in the blanks with the words you chose.


The 1.________ dinosaur feared 2. ________ above all, nor could he 3.________ the shredder.

Despite being the master of his 4.________ kingdom, he was not 5.________. 6.________, for example, presented more problems. He’d been wadded into a 7.________ twice, and his 8.________ bore a scar of cello tape.

To keep his mind from those unsavoury topics, he spent most of his days in conversation with the glass 9.________. They discussed all manner of scholarly topics, from 10.________ to history.

The dinosaur felt he had the edge when it came to the historical subjects, having theoretically lived through most of them. The 11.________ would have preferred to speak of the arts, but the dinosaur would not have it.

And so, the two 12.________ on their office 13.________ for many years, happy in their simple routine, until the arrival of a new resident, a 14.________ character by the name of 15.________.


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