Bonus Mad-Lib – Complete Story

The Mad-Lib is based on my previous story, “The Origami Dinosaur”, Mini-story No. 011, first published on February 26, 2013.
Here’s my version.


The origami dinosaur feared fire above all, nor could he survive the shredder.

Despite being the master of his desktop kingdom, he was not invincible. Children, for example, presented more problems. He’d been wadded into a ball twice, and his tail bore a scar of cello tape.

To keep his mind from those unsavoury topics, he spent most of his days in conversation with the glass rabbit. They discussed all manner of scholarly topics, from astronomy to history.

The dinosaur felt he had the edge when it came to the historical subjects, having theoretically lived through most of them. The rabbit would have preferred to speak of the arts, but the dinosaur would not have it.

And so, the two lived on their office island for many years, happy in their simple routine, until the arrival of a new resident, a shifty-looking character by the name of Bobble-Head.


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