No. 385

In between the void of inspiration and the page is the place that half-finished stories and discarded characters go. Most will never leave this domain of maybes and what-ifs.

Usually, only a great author can save one, once it’s been abandoned. Most of the time, they’re left forever.


Wallace Cooper was not a great author.

“I’m sorry,” he said as he hit the backspace button on Moira Maynard, a supporting character in his detective story whose plot he couldn’t resolve.


“Another one?” asked High School Comedy In Space. “How many has this guy sent over in the last week?”

Sexy Secret Agent checked a list. “Seven titles, two abandoned concepts, and thirteen protagonists.” He doubled-checked his list. “And nine villains.”

“Ridiculous,” said High School Comedy In Space. “Doesn’t this Cooper know we’re almost full, here?”

“Probably not,” said Reverse Reality Show, joining the conversation late. “I just spoke to this new Moira.  She said there were four other characters in her story in more or less the same situation she was.”

“Something’s got to be done,” said Sexy Secret Agent.

“How?” Reverse Reality Show asked.

His question led to a spirited discussion. Nobody had a solid suggestion until High School Comedy In Space weighed in.

“We find our own ending to Wallace Cooper’s novel.”

“An ending?” gasped Reverse Reality Show. “None of us have ever met an ending.”

“I heard of one, once” Sexy Secret Agent volunteered softly. “She spends a lot of time by herself on the other side of the realm, though.”

“Who is she?” High School Comedy In Space asked. “Can we see her?”

Sexy Secret Agent swallowed nervously before answering. “Her name is Everybody Dies.”

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