No. 101 – The Good Dog Part 3

What’s that? Is that the leash? Oh boy! The leash! I’m going for a walk! Walk! Walk! Walk! Girl is taking me for a walk! I love to walk with Girl!
Outside is fun! My master or Girl bring me outside every day! I get to smell things and run around! I’m going to run over here! Wait! What’s over there? I’d better run over there! What’s that smell?
There’s something stinky! I’d better roll in it! My master will be upset if I don’t bring home any smells for him. I love going to a walk! Maybe I’ll see a bird! Or a cat, even! I don’t like cats. I hope I don’t see a cat. I don’t like cats.
What’s that? It’s moving fast! I’d better chase it. It’s coming near my yard. I can’t let anything near my yard. Hey! Get back here! Get back here or I’ll—Ack! What’s this thing around my neck? Oh yeah, the leash. What happens if I pull it? Ah! Can’t breathe. Ok, I won’t do that.
Walk. Walk. Walk. Oh! Dirt! I forgot to dig this morning. I’d better dig in the dirt. My master will think I’m lazy if I don’t dig on my walk for two walks!
Hey! I know where we are! There’s home! I love home! I hope my master didn’t forget about me!

“Hey, buddy? Did you have a good walk? Come here! Hey, ew! What is that smell? I think you need a bath!”
A bath? Did my master say bath? Oh no!