No. 102 – The Burning Part 3

The Burn-warden told me that my contact was holed up in shelter 3, on the other side of the city.
That’s my girl. Always keep them guessing. I made my way to shelter 1 where I knew she’d be.
The thickness of the walls of these things always surprised me.
I didn’t have a permit, so I wasn’t allowed to enter, but the gatekeeper promised to pass the word of my appearance down through the tunnel. I waited outside and kept a habitual eye on the sky.
A short time later the doors re-opened and I saw her for the first time since Cincinnati. I noticed the scars had yet to heal.
“You’re here about the umbrella?” she asked me with no preamble. I’d always appreciated that. She was business-first.
“I heard you were successful,” I told her.
She brushed self-consciously at the furrow on her cheek. “Depends who you ask.”
“Listen, love, I need it. Anything you’ve got.”
Her eyes locked on to mine, and I knew that she knew my plans.
“You’re going back,” she gasped.
I nodded.
“Even with the umbrella suit, that’s suicide!”
“I think I can stop it,” I told her.
She didn’t believe me. “Stop what?”
“Stop the Burning.”