No. 103 – The Prank Part 3

For the past month, Colin Charter had sequestered himself in his tiny dorm room. He had very little time left to plan the ultimate prank.
His situation had become desperate enough that he’d turned to the internet for inspiration.
He moved his mouse over the blinking link that promised to provide the directions for a prank so magnificent that it claimed to be worth $49.99 just to see the plans.
He hovered for a moment, and then gave in. As he hit the button that said “order”, Colin wondered if he was the one getting pranked.
The page loaded. There were no blueprints. No descriptions. Instead, there was only a phone number.
Colin had no choice now but to call it. He typed it dutifully into his phone and pressed “send”. He almost dropped the handset when he saw the display.
“Calling: Chrissy Peachland”.
The line was picked up.
“Hello Colin. I knew you’d call eventually,” said Chrissy with a just a hint of sex and victory in her voice. “I’ve got fifty bucks that says you need a little help.”
Colin, having been bettered, hung his head and admitted. “I need help.”
“Come around my room after eleven tonight. We’ll put something together that will blow everyone’s mind.”