No. 124

Kevin Wheeler knew all the answers.
Most of the time his teachers didn’t believe him and they were forever concocting ever more elaborate tests designed to catch him cheating.
He didn’t appreciate that.
Kevin was not particularly smart, or even that studious. It’s just that every time he was asked something, he knew, without doubt, what to respond with.
He hadn’t given it much thought until one of his classmates called him “psychic”, which he also knew was not true.
But it was a gift, he realized, once he understood that not everybody had the same skill. It had come so easily to him that he’d always just assumed that to be the case.
It was a gift that he would have to exploit to its fullest potential. He considered going on a game show, but he felt the stakes were too small. He might win a few thousand dollars, a few hundred thousand, even, but there had to be something bigger. More challenging.
More lucrative.
He didn’t know the answer, until a teacher asked him.
“Well, Kevin? What are you going to do?”