No. 125 – War Games

David Clement felt a deep glow of satisfaction.
He’d cheated and struggled and endured, but he’d proven himself at the finish.
He wiped the thin sheen of sweat off of his brow and remembered that he’d been thirsty for hours but had forgotten to drink. He reached for his glass and grimaced as he was reminded of the injury that had been decisive to the win. His shoulder might smart tomorrow, but he’d triumphed.
“And that, my friends, is how you play monopoly,” he taunted, fully anticipating the rain of blows that fell upon him.
It would seem that his possibly former friends were taking defeat as graciously as he taken victory.
“Do you see this?” demanded Angela, waving a stack of colorful bills. “This is all money you stole from the bank.”
“Nonsense,” David defended himself. “I never steal from the bank. I stole that from Justin.”
“You can’t say you won if you stole my money,” Justin piped up.
“I can. If you didn’t notice it was missing, then it’s all fair game.”
This brought another round of tussling.
“Ow! Savannah! Did you just bite me?” exclaimed David.
“No. That was Ange.”
“You’re all just choked that you didn’t think of ‘creative accounting’ first,” David told them.
“Whatever,” huffed Angela. “We’re playing ‘Life’ next. And I’m watching you.”