No. 131

The sound of the rain pounding the awning of the patio was deafening. It was the fourth day, and cabin fever was starting to set in.
“Is this all the channels we get?” Mike Hartley asked his wife.
“Yes. It’s the same answer you got five minutes ago, and you’ve been through them all twice since then. Just choose one and leave it,” Aubrey told him.  She tossed her book in the general direction of their suitcases. “I’m going to the pool bar,” she announced.
“It’s raining,” said Mike facetiously.
“Really? Is that what that wet, rainy stuff is that’s falling from the sky?” she replied.
Aubrey laughed to herself, then picked up the room key, considered bringing her towel then abandoned the thought, and left the room. “Come join me anytime,” she called over her shoulder.
Mike sighed and changed the channel again.
Aubrey walked down the drab hotel hallway and idly considered the decor. She decided that she was ok with a boring corridor if the hotel spent their money in other, more important, ways. So far it had not let her down. And she’d had plenty of time to explore because of the rain.
She nodded to the girl at the front desk with whom she’d had a wonderful conversation yesterday, and stepped out onto the pool deck. There was a canopy covering the door, so she wasn’t drenched yet. She stood still and marvelled at how much water was pouring down. She extended her hand out past the roof and felt the force of the deluge hit her. It was like being in front of a hose.
Then she stepped out. She was soaked instantly. She’d never done this on purpose before, certainly not in conditions this bad. She raised her head up and felt the individual drops hit her face.
Then she smiled and walked to the edge of the pool. Without pausing she jumped in and glided purposefully to the swim-up bar. The bartender was huddled in a corner and he watched with a bemused grin as she drew closer.
“What’ll it be?” he asked when she arrived.
“Two margaritas,” she told him.
“Two?” he asked, and craned his head around to see if there was someone else nearby.  “For you?”
“Oh no,” Aubrey answered. “I arranged for the front desk to cut the TV to our room. I imagine my husband will be down shortly.”