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No. 593

Jessica Williams saw Travis Sanders sitting at the corner table that he’d specified for the meeting. She approached and sat down.

Sanders was excited to see her. “I’m glad you could make it,” he said, perhaps overly enthusiastically.

Jessica considered leaving, but she’d known Travis for too long to walk out immediately.

“It’s been, what? Ten years?” Sanders continued, oblivious to Jessica’s discomfort.

“Something like that, sure,” said Jessica.

“Time flies,” said Sanders. “I’m so glad you could make it,” he repeated, adding “so” for emphasis. “I bet you’re wondering why I tracked you down.”

“That’s true.”

Travis was nervous, too. He almost spilled his coffee as he reached down for his laptop bag. “Look at this,” he said, turning the laptop toward Jessica. “Do you remember him?”

“Jeremy Hoskins,” said Jessica, reading the screen.

“He went to our high school,” said Sanders.

“I know.”

“You were friends with him, right?” Sanders pressed.

Jessica shifted in her seat. “I’ve mostly tried to forget.”

“No, you were. You spent lunchtimes with him in the English room. I remember.”

“I’ve mostly tried to forget.”

“Oh, hey,” interrupted Sanders. “I forgot to buy you a drink? What do you want?”

Jessica looked toward the counter. There was a line. “I’m fine. I can wait. What is it you want?”

“Right. Oh. Right. Yes,” Sanders stammered. “I just started following Hoskins on Twitter.”

“Twitter? Really?” said Jessica. She checked her phone, now wishing she hadn’t agreed to meet her former classmate. It had been a terrible idea, she decided.

“Turns out, he’s super rich, now,” Sanders whispered.

“I know. And?”

“You were friends. He’s rich. Maybe you can re-connect.”

“What do you mean re-connect?” Jessica said with revulsion.

“It could be like Ocean’s 11, but with two.”

Jessica leaned back in her seat. “You want to rob him?” she said, louder than she’d expected.

“Shh! Quiet!” said Sanders. “You’ll blow the plan.”

“Rob him. With you?” said Jessica.

“I’ve got it all worked out,” said Sanders. “Much classier than a smash-grab job.”

“I’m not sure I can do that,” Jessica said.

Travis leaned forward. He looked Jessica in the eyes. “Remember science class?” he said quietly. “Please help me.”

Jessica swallowed. She’d tried especially hard to forget science class.

“You were there. Third row,” said Travis. “You know what happened.”

“I know.”

So, will you help me?” Travis asked.

Jessica thought back to the day, many years ago, when she’d done nothing. “Classier than a smash-grab job, you say?” she asked.

“I do.”

“Alright, then,” Jessica decided. “I’m in.”


No. 592

“The man at the counter answers his phone”

Chuck Gordon typed the words carefully and looked over his laptop screen towards the till. The man ordering the strawberry frap pulled the phone from his back pocket and spoke loudly. “Hello? No. I don’t have time right now.”

Gordon glanced around to see if anyone else had noticed what he was doing yet. He hesitated before writing the next sentence.

“The barista spills the drink.”

“Shit! Dammit!” Gordon heard, even before he had a chance to look up. The barista was now wearing the pink frap.

“Is this really happening?” Chuck whispered to himself. He stared alternately at his hands and computer, not sure which was responsible for this strange new power. He decided that he may as well go big, or go home. He began to type again.

“The girl in the corner notices me.”

No. 591

“Stay here,” Sam Cozak told Evalynn. “I’ll check it out first.” He got out of the car and approached the building.

Cozak was a lot of things, but nervous was not typically one of them. He drew his hand across the goosebumps on his arm and unlocked the old, rusted door. It swung open without resistance. A hazy cloud of dust floated out of the darkness.

“Sam,” Evalynn called. “Are you sure?”

Cozak didn’t say anything. He stepped forward, beyond the threshold.

Evalynn waited a long time.


“This is it,” Cozack whispered, the words diffusing into the vast space.

He found the breaker and pulled it. One by one, the overhead lights snapped on. Rats dove for cover, and there was a clatter from somewhere in the back as something larger took its leave.

Cozak shivered as he surveyed the factory floor. “Evalynn,” he shouted. “It’s everything we wanted it to be.”

“This is where we make our first million.”

No. 590


How much apple is left? It will be a while until dinner. Why don’t you give her some more?

Tiny Human, I can help you eat your food!

The dog is mooching for a snack. Hey, that’s not your apple!

Tiny Human is giving me food!

She just threw it on the ground. Now the dog is eating it.

Today is the best day ever!

I think she’s done. We can save the rest for tomorrow. At least we don’t have to wash the floor.

Tiny Human is my favorite human!