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No. 578 – A Halloween Special

Thomas Granger’s crime was brewing moonshine, not the murder for which he had been accused.

A fourteen year old girl in the town of Apple Grove had died of alcohol poisoning, and somebody had remembered once seeing a still behind Granger’s home. Never mind that the victim had stolen the liquor from her uncle, who had procured it from a man in Kettle Hill. Once Granger’s name was mentioned, his fate was sealed.


The mob descended on Granger’s remote cabin with torches. Thomas and his wife, Myrna, managed to escape the flames. Their young children, Jack and Ruby, were not so lucky. Overcome by smoke, the little ones expired, steps from the door.

Sated by the flames, the angry townsfolk left, not knowing that Thomas and Myrna were still alive. Not knowing that they had made a grave mistake.


Thomas and Myrna were overcome with grief. Pledging to avenge Jack and Ruby’s deaths, and recognizing that there was nothing they could do in the face of an entire town’s resistance, they killed themselves in order to return to Apple Grove as vengeful spirits.


The horror began. The townsfolk were swiftly and brutally attacked, sometimes as many as a dozen a night. They were all but defenceless against the power of revenge.

Something had to be done.

A deal was made, and the town was surrounded by a mystical wall. Thomas and Myrna’s phantoms were trapped outside, and Apple Grove was trapped inside.


For 200 years, nobody could pass in or out of the shield and life in Apple Grove changed little. Eventually those inside forgot the reason for their isolation. When the last person who remembered passed away, the barrier dropped, and the residents of Apple Grove became vulnerable, once again.

Because Thomas and Myrna had not forgotten. They had waited patiently, biding their time until they could return.

The dead were still in the mood to kill.

No. 577

Stanley Easton crawled up out of the surf onto the pristine beach of the island. He rolled on to his back just in time to see the ship that he’d so recently escaped from slip beneath the waves.

He knew he was the only survivor.

He began to drag himself to the tree line to rest, and take stock of his situation. His journey was interrupted by a heavy weight pressing down on his back.

Stanley craned his neck around to catch a glimpse of his attacker.

It was a woman. She had wild hair and torn clothes. Stanley had the immediate impression that she had been alone on the island for a long while.

With her foot planted squarely between his shoulder blades, she lowered an impressively sharp wooden spear to his chin.

“This island isn’t big enough for two castaways,” she threatened. “And I was here first.”