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No. 578 – A Halloween Special

Thomas Granger’s crime was brewing moonshine, not the murder for which he had been accused.

A fourteen year old girl in the town of Apple Grove had died of alcohol poisoning, and somebody had remembered once seeing a still behind Granger’s home. Never mind that the victim had stolen the liquor from her uncle, who had procured it from a man in Kettle Hill. Once Granger’s name was mentioned, his fate was sealed.


The mob descended on Granger’s remote cabin with torches. Thomas and his wife, Myrna, managed to escape the flames. Their young children, Jack and Ruby, were not so lucky. Overcome by smoke, the little ones expired, steps from the door.

Sated by the flames, the angry townsfolk left, not knowing that Thomas and Myrna were still alive. Not knowing that they had made a grave mistake.


Thomas and Myrna were overcome with grief. Pledging to avenge Jack and Ruby’s deaths, and recognizing that there was nothing they could do in the face of an entire town’s resistance, they killed themselves in order to return to Apple Grove as vengeful spirits.


The horror began. The townsfolk were swiftly and brutally attacked, sometimes as many as a dozen a night. They were all but defenceless against the power of revenge.

Something had to be done.

A deal was made, and the town was surrounded by a mystical wall. Thomas and Myrna’s phantoms were trapped outside, and Apple Grove was trapped inside.


For 200 years, nobody could pass in or out of the shield and life in Apple Grove changed little. Eventually those inside forgot the reason for their isolation. When the last person who remembered passed away, the barrier dropped, and the residents of Apple Grove became vulnerable, once again.

Because Thomas and Myrna had not forgotten. They had waited patiently, biding their time until they could return.

The dead were still in the mood to kill.

No. 487, The Wreck, The Conclusion

Part One:


Vince had boarded himself up inside his cabin. He sat, with the light out, and wondered how he was going to get to the radio, located on the other side of the ship. Horrible, unnatural moans from the corridor set his teeth on edge.

The rest of the crew had succumbed to the evil that had woken from the deep.

There was a scream. It cut off abruptly.

Vince recognized the voice. Lexi, the newly-graduated researcher, in the adjoining room.

Had she hidden away, like he had? He realized that whatever controlled the crew would find him, soon enough.

He had no way to call for help. There was only one way to escape.

Vince opened the door slowly, and crept up the steep stairs to the main deck. There was no sign of bodies or crew, but there had been a chewing noise from Lexi’s quarters.

Vince shivered.

He crawled into a lifeboat and released the lines.

He would take his chances on the open ocean, alone.

No. 483, The Candy Rebellion, The Conclusion

Part One:


The chocolate bar’s words were greeted with a massive cheer. All of the assembled candies thought revolution was a brilliant idea.

“We will sicken the humans! We will choke them! We will stain their clothing and they will have no choice but to surrender to us!” the chocolate bar screamed from the podium.


A small group of hard candies whispered amongst themselves at the side of the assembly.

“Nobody ever eats us,” they wondered surreptitiously. “Why should we join with the others and draw attention to ourselves?”

“Do we alert the humans?”


But they did not have time to fully explore their mutiny.

All of the candies but the hard ones were suddenly collected into a large bowl and set beside the door in preparation for the trick-or-treaters soon to visit the home.

One-by-one, the delicious ones were dispersed to greedy children to be consumed.

The rebellion had been a short-lived dream.


The hard candies were left alone in the cupboard, once again.

“Same thing happens every year,” said their leader. “Almost makes you feel sorry for the others.”

“Almost,” the survivors agreed.

No. 482 – Blood on the Ice, The Conclusion

Part One:


“Demon!” shouted the center, Andrew Van Helsing.

He snapped his stick in half and stabbed Dracula in the heart.

Unfortunately for Van Helsing, the stick wasn’t wood, but an expensive blend of composites.

Dracula clutched his chest and fell to the ice, wounded, but alive.

Van Helsing was directed to the box to serve a considerable amount of time in penalties.

Dracula would go on to score the winning goal.

No. 480 – The Con

Tom was almost as tall as his older brother, Rob.

As Halloween approached, Tom was busy thinking of ways to put this similarity to good use.

The scheme that he decided on required equal parts cunning, and ice-cold nerve.


First, Tom laid the groundwork. He told a few close friends that he would be dressing up as a ghost for Halloween. He described the costume in great detail.

He knew that word would get back to Rob, and the Rob would try to steal his idea.

Sure enough, that’s what happened, and Rob announced that he would be trick-or-treating as a ghost.

Tom bowed out gracefully.

Rob should have realized that his victory was too easy.


Then, Tom began to pay very close attention to Rob’s itinerary. He faked a call to Rob’s boss at the sandwich shop and indicated that another employee would be absent on Halloween. Sure enough, Rob was scheduled to work until nine.


When the holiday arrived, Tom had considered every outcome and was ready for action.

At precisely six thirty, he snuck into his brother’s room and stole the costume. Putting it on quickly, he left the house and began asking neighbors for candy.


By eight forty-five, he had covered his block, and several others. He returned home, his bags full of sugary goodness.

He’d even waved to Rob’s girlfriend, Jen, who was out with her friends.


He removed the costume, and laid it carefully back where he’d found it.


Rob came home at quarter-past nine. He saw Tom putting on a cowboy costume, and went to prepare his own.


The brothers left the house together, soon after.


They arrived on the first porch. Tom got a chocolate bar, but Rob got nothing.

“Didn’t you think I’d remember you, Rob? I already gave you candy, now move along and leave some for the others,” said Mrs. Farmer.

Rob was shocked.  “But I’ve been at work,” he protested.

“No more for you,” said Mrs. Farmer.

The brothers turned away and walked back to the sidewalk.


About halfway to the next house, Rob began to suspect foul play.

No. 478 – Blood on the Ice

“How come you never show up for the day games?” the opposing team’s center chirped Steve Dracula. “Gotta stay home with your mommy?”

Dracula said nothing, and bent down to take the faceoff. His side was up 1-0, and it was late in the third period.

The referee dropped the puck, and Dracula won it back to his defenseman, but the pesky center was quick, too. He stepped around Dracula, stole the puck, and took a shot on goal.

It was an easy save, but the center made the mistake of chopping at the goalie’s glove.

Dracula dropped his own gloves, and sought a measure of revenge for a game’s-worth of abuse.

The two scuffled toward the corner, until the other man tried to sweep Dracula’s legs.

Dracula reached his breaking point, and sank his gums into his opponent’s neck.

“Did you just bite me?” the other man recoiled in disgust. “What’s wrong with you?”

Dracula just smiled, and stuck his tongue out through the gap in his front teeth where the fangs used to be.

No. 477 – The Lex Orbis Halloween Special

Lex Orbis stabbed the zombie guard in the chest, and finished off the vampire with a blow to the head.

“I’m coming for you, Frankenstein!” he yelled at the dark castle on the top of the mountain.

There was no answer from the fortress and, if there had been, the thunder would have drowned it out, anyway.

Orbis turned up the collar on his coat and took a purposeful step down the road towards a confrontation with the ultimate evil.

No. 476 – The Candy Rebellion

“Halloween is coming soon,” said the chocolate bar. “And every year, millions upon millions of us are devoured by the humans.”

A chorus of boos rose up from the crowd of gathered candies.

“But not this year!” declared the chocolate bar. “This year, we won’t stand for it! No longer will we be tossed into bags and traded around before meeting our grisly ends!”

There was more applause and shouting from the audience.

“But how?” asked a gummy-worm in the front row. “What can we do?”

“We fight,” said the chocolate bar, with grim finality.

No. 475 – The Garage Sale

The house at the end of Frank’s street was holding a garage sale. Usually, the yard was overgrown, and the windows boarded up. So, of course, everyone in the neighborhood was rushing to be the first ones there.


Frank eyed the trinket on a table. “I don’t know,” he told the seller. “It seems pretty beat-up.”

The owner looked Frank in the eyes when he replied. “It’s very old.”

“I can see that,” said Frank. “Any chance I can get a deal?”

The old man laughed. “There is,” he said. “But do you really want it?”